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Our team of chiropractors has helped patients in Las Vegas heal in a holistic and sustainable way for years. With our commitment to comprehensive care, unmatched by any other Las Vegas chiropractor, we are proud to offer our patients access to state-of-the-art facilities and techniques that help them to recover and get them back on their feet.

Our cutting-edge approach to treatment combines chiropractic care, medicine, and physical therapy while providing patients with a unique opportunity to maximize treatment outcomes by focusing on the overall health of our patient and not just the symptoms that brought you to our clinic. This multi-level scientific approach not only ensures that our patients’ overall health is improved, but it also allows us to maximize the benefits of their treatment.

When comprehensive chiropractic care and state-of-the-art facilities combine

New patients are all taken through a comprehensive evaluation that includes orthopedic, neurological, biomechanical, and x-ray tests. Our team also uses advanced digital imaging techniques and nerve conduction testing (Vs-NCT) during the evaluation in order to give our doctors the clearest picture of your overall health. From there, the results of each evaluation are reviewed by one of our experienced chiropractors who will work with you and your medical provider to determine the best plan of action for your care.

Our treatments strategies combine traditional medicine with scientifically supported rehabilitation procedures that include chiropractic care, consistent physical therapy regimes, and structural or postural rehabilitation. This approach to care often helps patients eliminate neuromuscular problems in addition to giving patients the ability to correct structural abnormalities like whiplash or scoliosis.

We help patients achieve these results by using the revolutionary Halo Traction System, which was developed by our very own physicians! This system improves spinal structure in a non-invasive way that decreases the likelihood of chronic pain or disease. We are the only chiropractors in Las Vegas to offer this technology to our patients.