Ease the Symptoms of Pregnancy with the Right Chiropractor

Having a child is one of the most important times in anyone’s life. For pregnant women especially, this is a time of metamorphosis and preparation for the new life that you will be ushering into the world. From the moment of conception until birth, the female body goes through a series of intense physiological and hormonal changes that can cause unexpected pain and discomfort.

For women, one of the most important times in your life to seek out chiropractic care is when you are pregnant. Seeing a pregnancy chiropractor can help protect your spinal health, reduce discomfort during your pregnancy and even help control the symptoms of nausea.

Why you might need a pregnancy chiropractor

Have you ever noticed a pregnant woman walking with a bit of a sway or holding the small of her back? When you’re pregnant, your ovaries, and placenta start to produce relaxin. This hormone plays an essential role in the female reproductive system. During pregnancy, relaxin loosens the ligaments in the pelvis in addition to softening and widening the cervix. Without relaxin getting regularly dumped into your body throughout the course of your pregnancy, your infant’s head wouldn’t be able to fit through your pelvis during childbirth.

Although essential, relaxin is also responsible for the “loose-limbed” or “sway-backed” movement of many pregnant women, especially those in their third trimester, making chiropractic care a good choice for women looking to mitigate their physical discomfort during pregnancy. Fortunately, gentle adjustments along with a chiropractic regime that includes joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, and soft tissue treatments are both safe and effective when it comes to mitigating the damage pregnancy can do to your body.

Your pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful. Let our chiropractors help.

Our chiropractic physicians are trained to help patients safely and effectively address the symptoms of their pregnancy, including loosening ligaments and sudden weight gain. Our team specializes in delivering a holistic patient care experience that takes into consideration your current health needs and concerns. That’s why we develop individual plans for each and every one of our clients. Our team is waiting to work with you make your pregnancy safer and more comfortable. Contact us today for your comprehensive evaluation!

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