Whiplash Holding You Back? Get the Relief You Needed Yesterday, Today

If you’ve been to a theme park or gotten onto a rollercoaster ride, it’s likely that you’ve at least been warned about the dangers of whiplash. Known as Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration (CAD) syndrome amongst medical professionals, whiplash happens when your neck and head are suddenly forced backward and then forward. This forceful motion puts your cervical spine through lightning-quick motions and extreme stresses that your body is ill-equipped to handle on its own.

Sources of Whiplash Injuries Include:

Although most of the cases of whiplash we see are caused by auto accidents where our patient has been rear-ended, there are a variety of ways that you could get a whiplash injury.

  • Physical Assault
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Rollercoaster Ride
  • Bungee
  • Car Accidents
  • Playing contact or high velocity sports

Keep in mind that whiplash can also be caused by falls that occur during skiing, snowboarding, and other high-impact activities like equestrian.


Why You Need a Chiropractor for Whiplash

The most common symptom of whiplash is neck pain. This pain can range from a mild, “pins and needles” tingle, to debilitating pain that can detract from your day-to-day living. Often, your whiplash pain will be accompanied by other symptoms, including stiffness or instability in your neck, a reduced range of motion, chronic headaches and shoulder or upper back pain. Some patients have also reported tingling sensations, numbness and weakness radiating from their neck into their shoulder and even down to their arms.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash symptoms are often multidimensional and difficult to diagnose; that’s why it is essential that you seek treatment for any whiplash-associated disorders as soon as possible. Although most people who sustain a whiplash injury can completely recover within a few months, studies have shown that a significant number of those who suffered from a whiplash injury, will experience chronic pain or other lingering symptoms for years and months after the initial incident.

Although whiplash symptoms typically present themselves at the time of injury, there is sometimes a delay of 24 hours or more before patients begin to feel any discomfort. If you have been in a fall or accident and think you might be in need of a whiplash chiropractor, call Active Body Chiropractic right away to schedule your comprehensive exam. Our dedicated doctors will work with you to develop a personalized program that maintains focus on your treatment needs and your body’s ability to recover.

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